Outbreak.Asia is OSINT HK’s COVID-19 Monitoring platform. OSINT HK is a volunteer group of professional and amateur open source intelligence analysts (you can read more about our work here). OSINT HK has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak since before the virus and its illness even had a name. Our COVID-19 Monitoring began with making higher geographic resolution maps than even the top newspapers and universities. We also developed the crowd-sourced Shortage Tracker web app to try to better understand where different product shortages were happening

We were able to launch Outbreak.Asia as a COVID-19 Monitoring platform with a generous anonymous donation. Where before we manually collected and inputted data to produce those high geographic resolution maps, we now have software automating the data scraping process that feeds a near real-time map. We are also trying to use Shortage Tracker to gauge and monitor the food security crisis in the Philippines, which we fear might be a leading indicator for other developing countries both in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Since our inception as a group, OSINT HK has been exploring new domains of what open source intelligence is and can do. We view this platform as something akin to the risk analysis or intelligence reports that corporations tend to get. We are trying to keep up with the science, write explainers on the important things people need to know, produce regular Situation Reports for different countries in our region, and share open sourced solutions to medical and other problems.

Contact: Trey, Nathan, Abe, Kodenol, Leo, or Snufkin for more information.